Command Post: An Entrepreneur Story

"Command Post has opened many doors for me.
My network has grown, my resources have expanded
and new opportunities are coming for me." - Fabien

An Entrepreneur Story  

Fabien Edjou, Owner of LEANVO

Before Command Post, Fabien Edjou was just getting started with his startup company, LEANVO. He saw that the Command Post application was available and applied immediately. Fabien got in and started the growth of his company.

"The first step was to understand your business as a system and how that system can run without you. Truly understanding your business plan, the business identity and creating great resources for your business. Each week, we were given assignments to help keep us on track and to help us move forward and excel.

One assignment that stuck with me was ‘Why am I trying to build this business?’ This was a lesson on 'why'. You write down the question and you answer it. The next question is who do you want to become and you answer that. You will discover who you are a person and how this business can help inspire you and how everything can come into alignment.

This also helps you find the courage to do it. Not just starting a business, but creating a true identity. That is what Command Post taught me and helped guide me in becoming who I am today.

This is when I truly discovered who it is I want to become and where I want to be with my business."

Fabien Edjou, Founder of LEANVO

Other benefits of Command Post that helped Fabien was having access to Ward 4; meetings, people, mentorship, advice, and coaching. All of this helped him grow his business faster than he thought.

"Command Post has opened many doors for me. My network has grown, my resources have expanded and new opportunities are coming for me. I will be hosting a talk show on Voice of America and this will focus on empowering entrepreneurs and business owners. I will be starting a Milwaukee chapter
of Startup Grind, a global startup community designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs."

Fabien has completed his year in Command Post and hopes to be a resource to any new veteran entrepreneurs coming into the program. He wants to make sure every veteran entrepreneur has a chance to start a business in which they believe.

"To veteran entrepreneurs out there looking to apply for Command Post, here is the advice I have for you. Apply. Don’t hesitate, just do it. If you truly believe in your idea, no matter how crazy, just go for it. If it sounds crazy to someone else that is okay because it’s not their idea. That is why you need to understand the 'why' and believe in your idea and go for it. Once you believe in it, others will too and invest in you. Put the effort in and everything will flow from there."


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