Chamber Muster - 3/14/19

Chamber Muster - 3/14/19

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MUSTER mus·ter

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verb 1.  assemble (troops), especially for inspection 2. collect or assemble (a noun or amount).  ie: "he could fail to muster a majority" noun 1. a formal gathering of troops, especially for inspection, display or exercise. 2. RARE - a group of peacocks. "the sound was like the cry of a muster of peacocks" Things we promise: there will be an assembling of a group of awesome people; you do not have to be a military service member, veteran or otherwise; there will be no exercise or peacocks at this muster.  This informal networking event is open to Members and Non-Members alike.  Bring your colleagues, fellow veterans, or some one you enjoy spending time with....these Musters are FUN.   Bring business cards and a readiness to grow your network. 5:30 - 7:30pm at SportClub MKE 750 N Jefferson St. Milwaukee