The WVCC’s Veteran Internship Recruitment Pledge makes a public commitment to recruit veteran interns as part of existing internship programs. This commitment comes in the form of a public pledge organized and promoted by the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce (WVCC).

The WVCC will promote the initiative, as well as the businesses that participate. This will be done through organizational and dedicated marketing platforms including digital and social media. Also, exposure in local, regional, and state media outlets in collaboration with resource partners and other WVCC members.

Educational content and promotion are designed to meet the needs of employers seeking to develop their workforce by providing targeted marketing platforms to help them connect with potential employees, with the goal of improving employment outcomes for military veterans.



The Veteran Internship Recruitment Pledge directly addresses the educational and awareness challenges faced by employers desiring to recruit and retain military veterans.

The WVCC will proactively identify and recruit employers to participate in the program, providing a service not offered by any other organization.

Identifying and recruiting employers, and promoting those employers through a coordinated, targeted marketing effort, will develop employer brands and awareness of employment opportunities with veteran-friendly organizations among the target workforce population.

Finally, WVCC educational programming will compliment promotional efforts and ensure participating employers are best positioned to recruit and retain veteran interns.


The Veteran Internship Recruitment Pledge aligns with the WVCC’s mission of expanding economic opportunity for military veterans and their families by improving employment outcomes for spouses of current military service members.

Wisconsin employers are increasingly interested in reaching veterans as part of their business and workforce development strategy. After several years of intense focus on veteran employment needs, employers in Wisconsin are actively looking to recruit and retain this demographic.

The unemployment rate of military veterans is lower than that of the general population both in Wisconsin and nationally, making veterans a highly competitive and sought-after talent source.

The WVCC’s unique and innovative approach to supporting veteran-friendly businesses through original programming and events, coupled with strategic partnerships with resource agencies and organizations, provides us with the opportunity to connect with businesses with veterans in a way no other organization can.


According to the US Chamber of Commerce, veteran employees are the third most in-demand talent source, only behind women and those with post-secondary education.

65% of employers say they would hire a veteran over an equally qualified non-veteran, but only 7% of human resources executives at Fortune 500 companies are satisfied with the veteran hiring initiatives within their organization.

More significantly, 80% of organizations do not have veteran-specific hiring programs.

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