“Veterans are leaving military service and stepping into leadership roles in business, and consumers are looking to patronize veteran led businesses. Veterans are a vital part of Wisconsin’s population, labor force, and business community. More than 10% of Wisconsin businesses are owned by veterans. These businesses are a vital part of Wisconsin’s business landscape, employing more than 160,000 workers and bringing over $20 billion in sales every year. Two thirds of consumers say they prefer to patronize veteran owned businesses. Wisconsin’s veteran owned businesses are growing and are fueling Wisconsin’s economy.”

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U.S. Businesses Owned by Veterans
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Wisconsin Businesses Owned by Veterans
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Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur, veteran-friendly business, or customer, we connect you with the resources you need to be successful

We have assembled a directory of resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. Find the guidance you need to start and grow your business.

Our Morning Formation events feature workshops and presentations from business leaders and experts.

Our “Buy Veteran WI” campaign promotes veteran owned businesses across the state. Explore our business directory to find a veteran owned business near you.

Invest in Wisconsin’s veteran business community

For Business Owners…

Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce has partnered with StreetShares to bring excellent small business funding options to our members. StreetShares provides Chamber members access to funding in a fast, affordable, and community-driven way.

StreetShares offers great options for Chamber business owners who have been in business for at least 1 year and are seeking funding:

  • Loans & lines of credit up to $100k
  • Funding in days, not months
  • No prepayment penalties or maintenance fees
  • No fee to apply or accept line of credit

For Investors…

StreetShares also provides a way to support and invest in Wisconsin Veteran Owned Businesses and also earn a solid return of 5%. The signup process is quick and easy and your money starts accruing interest right away.


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